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Supernatural poster series - Dean Winchester
(born Wednesday, January 24th, 1979)
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Our hiatus challenge for the month of October is to show our support for the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas. The Supernatural fandom has ties with this charity through Jensen Ackles and his nephew Levi. The photo above was sent out last year as thanks!

Gishwhes Hiatus has our own Buddy Walk team if you would like to join efforts with us. Most of us won’t get there in person, but we can still help out.  All donations go toward Team Levi and the Down Syndrome Guild of Dallas.  I set our goal as $1000 but this fandom is known for achieving incredible things.

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Raquel Riskin: One set with the boys! Supernatural Season 10 x

**Raquel appears in ep 1 and 3 of season 10, which explains Jared’s shoulder… In case anyone was wondering. 

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Jason’s Holiday Album…with friends

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Jensen Ackles Season 9 Promotional Shoot Outake

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Jensen Ackles | Supernatural Retrospective Special [x]
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